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Success Story

The Scenario

Janice, a real estate agent, was having trouble with selling one of her listings in an up and coming neighborhood. Her clients were moving to accommodate their growing family. 

Janice had a couple of showings with no success. Her clients being working parents, just did not have the time or resources to fully organize the inevitable clutter from having two young kids. That is when we came into the picture.

The Obstacle

One main problem was that the house was still occupied, but not only that, the couple had two young kids. A lot of the house’s features and layout was for the ease and comfort of a young family with children such as things being left out and certain items in placements to navigate the busy routine and traffic of daily life accordingly.

Another factor was that the house was in an up and coming neighborhood. The potential was there, but it just needed that extra wow factor for buyers to see it’s top value.

The Solution

We went ahead and put away items that may distract potential home buyers, and also rearranged the furniture for better traffic flow, and maximization of space. Particular pieces of décor were also added to highlight rooms whereas before, it was avoided to be child-friendly. Granted, now the couple’s children were older than when they first moved in, the kids understood not to mess with the items. Additionally, we replaced some outdated furniture items with the pieces from our inventory. 

The Resolution

The house ended up being sold in two weeks. In this case, the house’s potential was not able to be clearly seen amongst the clutter, outdated items, and lack of décor. Additionally, the home needed to exemplify why it was worth investing in this property and see what it is capable of being.

Home buyers need a clean, finished visual to garner a positive and immediate first impression the moment they walk in.

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