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About Us

Now offering staging services! Please see “Staging Service” tab for more information.

There are a million floors out there from different companies that look the same at a glimpse. At Dyno Impact Inc., we set ourselves aside by creating floors with exclusive, customized licensed designs, so you will never find the exact same product anywhere else. The shades are hand-picked, mixed through trial and error by our collaborative Design and R&D team who meticulously research the latest trends and technology.

Our aim is provide you not only beautiful floors to impact your entire space, but quality products that last.

We strongly believe in sustaining natural resources by producing eco-friendly materials to support ethical forest management practices therefore all of our products are in compliance to industrial standards and regulations.

All of our clicks are licensed for easy hassle-free installation. Dyno Impact Inc. carries both laminate and SPC Floors. Click the products tabs to browse our Cloud Nine and Awaken Collection!

*Products on the website are for viewing purposes and not for sale directly to the general public, please click “Contact” to find out how get access to samples.

No part of the materials including graphics or logos, available in this website may be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated or reduced to any electronic medium or machine-readable form, in whole or in part, without specific permission. Distribution for commercial purposes is prohibited. Copyright © 2021 Dyno Impact Inc.  All rights reserved.